Indianapolis Colts vs. NO Saints Post Game

Matt GiordanoOn the NFLs opening night, the Indianapolis Colts gave the league a preview of whats to come in this 2007 season. Matt Giordano’s 83 yard interception return TD pretty much summed up the night for Drew Brees and the Saints. Though the first half was very quiet with only 10 points apiece, there was much to talk about. On the very first play of the game, the entire RCA dome was silent as Joseph Addai was on the ground courtesy of a tackle to the chest by New Orleans CB Mike Mckenzie. Addai waskeith.jpg temporarily relieved by former CFLer Kenton Keith, who showed that he could play at an NFL type pace. Addai was simply winded and went on to carry the ball 23 times for 117 yards with a total of 142 yards including receiving. Jason David made his debut with the Saints and his first return to Indy, and was lit up by the colts dynamic receivers. David was the producer of the Saints only TD stripping Reggie Wayne of a second quarter completion, wayne.jpgwhich he then ran 55 yards. When Peyton Manning was asked if they were picking on him he replied “We don’t do that, we had the right calls at the right time. With Marvin and Reggie, you’re always going to throw it to those guys. If you have a good day, they say you’re picking on one guy. We really don’t do that.” There was not much to talk about on New Orleans behalf as it was a night to forget for Brees (throwing for 192 yards and 2 interceptions), Reggie Bush (38 yards on 12 carries) and McAllister (39 yards on 10 carries). Bob Sanders’ presence was strongly felt by the Colts, as the Saints only had 299 total yards withsanders1.jpg quite a few coming on their last drive when they were already down by 31. The second half was textbook Peyton Manning. The Colts had 31 points alone , and Peyton used his familiar targets Reggie Wayne (who caught 2 TD passes), Harrison (1 TD pass), and Joseph Addai. Dallas Clark chipped in with 2 key receptions for 48 yards. When talked to after the game Tony Dungy said that “NFL games are 60 minutes long. We were a little out of synch in the first dungy.jpghalf. They played us defensively a little different than we thought. We knew we had to run the ball a little more.” As much as it was great to see that the offense was still dominant as usual, I think the most relieving thing to see on the Colts part was how well their defensive relief players played. Hayden and Jackson were solid, as sophomore Marques Colston was limited to just 48 yards on 6 catches. Freddy Keiaho was very solid as Cato Junes replacementaddai3.jpg with many important tackles and a fumble recovery, and Tony Ugoh played outstanding as well and was a main factor in Addai’s success. The Colts proved my point that young/physique type players can step up and play as good as experienced players. I think tonight we all witnessed a Colts team that if stays healthy and consistent can be as good, if not better then they were last year, and I am making an early prediction of another 12-4 season and at least an AFC South division win.


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