The Day After/The Colts division

Reggie WayneAfter an amazing performance against the New Orleans Saints, the Colts have more then a week to prepare for their division foes, the Tennessee Titans. Though Thursday the Colts had a lot to prove, next weeks game will be just as important as it is 1 of 6 division games this season. Indianapolis has the upperVince Young hand for having played on a Thursday, as they will have plenty of time to watch some film, and obviously, watch their division rivals face off. Yes, the Colts have made easy work of their AFC South division in the past few years, but every team in their division is a definite playoff contender. Starting with the titans, Vince Young has to show the NFL that he can avoid a sophomore slump, and LenDale White has to prove that he can be a steady starter at the running back position. Last yearBennett the Titans made it very interesting down the stretch winning 6 straight at one point, and finishing one game shy of the playoffs. It was a heartbreaking end to a surprising season for them but 8-8 is better then 4-12 and 5-11 (their marks from the previous 2 seasons.) The Titans are in a somewhat similar boat as Indy because they lost some key players in the off season such as their running back Travis Henry and their two most productive receivers Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade. TMaurice Jones-Drewhe 2008 Titans will have to rely on youth, just like the Colts, which almost doesn’t seem like a really bad thing after watching the Colts win 41-10 on Thursday. As for the Jaguars, everyone wants to know if this is the Jaguars team of 2 years ago, or the Jaguars of last year. We will find out on Sunday when they face off with the Titans. This game might determine the future of Jags coach Jack Del Rio, who hasn’t won a playoff game in 4 years. Matt SchaubThis is probably the game that the Colts will be watching because of the fact that its an AFC South match up but as well because the Jags have beaten them the past 2 years. As for the final team in the AFC South, the Texans, their have been alot of changes. They have a new coaching staff, a new Running back in Ahman Green and a new QB in Matt Schaub. This could be the answer to their offensive woes, and it is not out of the question for the Texans to have a winning record.


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